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Effortlessly streamline your medical practice with our cutting-edge solution that simplifies prescription management and appointment scheduling. Designed to optimize patient care and enhance the efficiency of managing medical chambers or consultation rooms, our platform enables healthcare professionals to create their first prescription in under 60 seconds. Embrace a smarter way to manage your patients and healthcare facilities, ensuring a seamless operation and improved patient satisfaction. Start revolutionizing your medical practice today.


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The better way to manage your chambers, prescriptions, appointments & patients

Using My Doktor.Net account you can easily manage chamber wise prescriptions, patients, appointments and many more features.

Online consulation

Using Zoom online consultation patients can make a live video meeting with the experts and get treatment & advices from them. Also doctors can set a fees for the online consultation and receive payments from patients using offline, paypal and stripe

Feature Image
Feature Image

Appointment Booking

Patients can booking their online or offline appointments with their experts / specialists in specific date and time. Doctors/Clinics can manage all bookings from their portals and patients can see the status from patient portal.

Advanced & Super easy Prescription

We have a automated, powerful and supereasy onload prescription system that will help the doctors to create & print their prescriptions within a minute.

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Feature Image

Patient Management

Manage all your patient in one place and easily track progress and past information with a lot of ease.

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